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SOLARO was conceptualized and created by Castle Rock Research Corp, a leading global education company with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. Castle Rock is now introducing its proven education product portfolio in the Indian education market.

For 15 years, Castle Rock has been dedicated to supporting learning and achievement. The core strength of Castle Rock Research lies in our ability to create unique resources that align with our customers' unique objectives. Castle Rock Research serves individual learners, schools and jurisdictions, education ministries, colleges, universities, and corporate clients with an array of print products and online services.

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SOLARO – Castle Rock’s Flagship Product

Castle Rock Research believes all students should have access to learning resources and assessments based on the specific curriculum requirements in their region. For this reason, Castle Rock Research has developed a common framework founded on the company's vision of a Universal Curriculum. Castle Rock Research's Universal Curriculum allows the company to categorize, store, and manage its educational content in order to create new resources targeting any jurisdiction's curriculum needs. Castle Rock Research has launched a number of product lines and undertaken the development of solution-oriented resources using this structure.

SOLARO provides an unparalleled level of assistance to students: Student-Oriented Learning, Assessment and Remediation Online. SOLARO supports the high-quality education students receive through their daily schooling with resources that can be used effectively and efficiently by students at home.

Print Products

Castle Rock offers two types of print resources for students in North America:

THE KEY - Study guides for grades 3 through 12 that help students prepare for in-class assessments and standardized examinations.

Student Notes and Problems (SNAP) - Mathematics and science workbooks that provide concise lessons, in-class assignments, homework problems, unit tests, and comprehensive reviews.

Other Products

Castle Rock Research has developed a suite of online and mobile education applications and resources that support primary, secondary, and post-secondary students in their learning:

Motuto is an on-demand, real-time mobile tutoring app.

On-Demand, Interactive and Live Tutoring available from your mobile device.

Making Accreditation Easy for Engineering Faculties

Provides accreditation reporting as a by-product of daily work.

Analyze Tests and Expose Cheating

Performs five different collusion detection algorithms, and provides detailed test reporting.

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