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SOLARO is a next-generation personalized learning platform with curriculum-aligned content for both the CBSE/NCERT syllabus and Karnataka state syllabus. With SOLARO, students get access to courses filled with useful study materials, assessments, quizzes, notes, flashcards, and discussion boards. SOLARO will help students from Classes VI to XII understand core concepts and prepare for their exams. SOLARO is also fun and engaging with proven results. Students can access SOLARO anywhere and everywhere on the go – Internet, smartphones, tablets, and even Smart TVs!.

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CBSE/NCERT and Karnataka Courses

Our courses are aligned to the CBSE, NCERT syllabus and the Karnataka state syllabus, with hundreds of tests and fun & engaging content to help students succeed in learning.

Web, Mobile and Tablets

SOLARO is India’s only learning program that is available everywhere. The student account works on the SOLARO website as well as on mobile apps on smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. Take tests, finish homework, or get help on the go!

Assessments and Reports

Instant reporting and diagnostics help parents and educators to understand students’ strengths and areas of improvement. Get personalized and automated study plans in Math and Science.

Study with Friends

Students can collaborate and discuss with their friends, invite their friends, classmates, and teachers to SOLARO, and get expert help from tutors if needed.

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Get the SOLARO advantage with Apple!

Castle Rock partners with Apple to bring SOLARO to high-end schools in India.

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