SOLARO is a next-generation, personalized learning platform with curriculum-aligned content for both the CBSE/NCERT syllabus and Karnataka state syllabus. SOLARO is India’s first and only learning platform accessible on the Internet, on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and on Smart TVs. Students can access SOLARO anywhere and everywhere —in school, at home, and even on the school bus!

SOLARO gives students the perfect set of tools for learning. SOLARO has curriculum-aligned courses and provides assessments, reports, quizzes, flashcards, and discussion boards for each course. SOLARO will help students from Classes VI to XII understand core concepts and prepare for their exams.

Top 10 Reasons to Use SOLARO

  1. Our academic content is aligned with the syllabus for each course from CBSE Classes VI to XII and Karnataka classes VI to X (ICSE coming soon).
  2. Carry learning in your pocket! Students can study anywhere and anytime—on the Internet, with their iPhones or iPads, on Android devices, and with Smart TVs. Sign up for an account, and access SOLARO on multiple devices that are always synced.
  3. SOLARO is a self-paced learning tool that gives students a private environment in which to understand concepts and seek remediation. SOLARO gives students the confidence to master the curriculum and increase test scores.
  4. SOLARO has fun, engaging, and interactive content. SOLARO has a lot of interesting content, multimedia pieces, and test questions. Students can collaborate with other students and classmates.
  5. SOLARO is affordable compared with textbooks and tutors. Get personalized programs at incredible prices.
  6. SOLARO has proven results in Canada and the United States, and SOLARO is now in India!
  7. SOLARO has cool features: students can create their own avatars, set goals, create flashcards, and much more.
  8. SOLARO has a parent interface in which parents get customized reports of their child’s progress in specific subjects, lessons, and tests.
  9. Local schools can now use SOLARO. Ask your school to enroll now!
  10. Get expert help from online tutors, or get your questions answered by experts within 24 hours.

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