SOLARO for Teachers

SOLARO provides a complete learning management and automated homework system for classrooms. Teachers can use SOLARO in the classroom as a supplemental resource to provide remediation and enrichment. Student performance is reported to the teacher through various reports, which provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of students.

SOLARO Allows You to:

  • Identify student strengths using individual student reports for each concept and regional standard.
  • Use class reports to identify performance concerns, which you can address in class or by suggesting additional work in SOLARO for students to complete on their own.
  • You can send reports to parents and administrators.
  • Give individualized attention to students.

100% Aligned to Standards

  • All lessons and practice questions are aligned to the regional standards for each subject and grade.
  • Hundreds of lessons and thousands of practice questions in each grade cover mathematics, sciences, and English language arts.

Student Assignments

  • You can create assignments using the SOLARO question bank. All items are aligned to regional standards.
  • You can upload your own assignments or content.
  • Assignments are automatically graded and provide two levels of feedback:
    • Upon completing an assignment, students receive their results.
    • After all the students in a class have completed an assignment, full solutions will be displayed.
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