SOLARO for Schools and Colleges

Schools & Colleges in India can now get the advantage of SOLARO enterprise-class software! SOLARO Enterprise-Class Learning Management System and Homework Automation will transform your school into a high-tech learning and collaboration hub, and it will help your students, their parents, and your teachers in unique ways.

SOLARO’s Features

  • Comes with complete support on Apple devices, such as Macs, iPads, iPhones, and iPods, and on Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy tab
  • Works well in schools with one-iPad-per-student or one-laptop-per-student model
  • Can be used to deliver lessons and tests in classroom
  • Saves money and manpower for schools as SOLARO’s cloud-based content will save you server and maintenance costs
  • Stay seamlessly connected from school to home on the Internet and with SOLARO’s mobile apps
  • Allows students to complete assignments and tests at school or home
  • Provides a dashboard and instant reporting for teachers, administrators and parents
  • Optionally integrated with School ERP or Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Competitively priced

What Does SOLARO Do in Schools?

SSOLARO seamlessly integrates your classrooms with your students’ homes. Let’s consider a typical day:

Scenario 1: SOLARO in Action in a Classroom

  1. The teacher explains important concepts of a lesson and, if required, shows multimedia through SOLARO on the classroom screen.
  2. The teacher asks questions on the fly using the SOLARO Respond app on the classroom screen.
  3. Students respond with answers using the Responder app on their mobile devices or laptops.
  4. The teacher shares the instant feedback with the class and recognizes who has understood the concepts and who has not.
  5. The teacher can help struggling students with more examples to drive home the concept using lesson plans available on SOLARO. SOLARO’s content is specific to the syllabus you follow, but the teacher can customize content or upload tests or exam papers as well.
  6. The teacher then gives an assignment to the class related to the lesson taught.

Scenario 2: SOLARO in Action at Home

  1. Student pulls out his or her mobile device or computer and logs into SOLARO.
  2. The student sees a new assignment notification.
  3. The student completes the assignment. The student collaborates with classmates or tutors on discussion boards if he or she needs help.
  4. An instant report is generated for the student and will be available for the teacher for review.
  5. The student can study the next day’s lessons or take tests to get better in any particular subject or topic.
  6. Students can create flashcards or notes for future review of important concepts.
  7. The student can access SOLARO even without power or without connectivity at home through mobile devices.

Scenario 3: SOLARO in Action on the Go!

  1. On the way home from school, the student pulls out his or her mobile device and logs into SOLARO.
  2. The student takes quizzes on favorite topics, reads lessons, or views multimedia content.
  3. The student sees an assignment.
  4. The student flips through the flashcards or notes to review difficult concepts for the next day’s exams at school.

My School cannot have resources or infrastructure to provide one laptop per child?

No problem! We have a single screen solution for you, where teachers can use SOLARO on a projector or screen in the classroom. SOLARO provides tools for printing out assignments on the fly by teachers if required. Students will also get accounts in linked with your school. They can access it from computer labs at school or on the Internet from their home computers or on mobile devices anywhere.

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