SOLARO Product Specification

Accessible on
Product Component or Service Web iPads/iPod/iPhone/Mac Android Windows
Core components
1 SOLARO whitelabled solution for the school or college - LMS and Homework Automation. Functionality for students, teachers, administrators and parents. Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 SOLARO Student and Responder apps bundled with devices and integrated in classrooms. Yes Yes Yes Coming Soon
3 premium accounts for every student and parent for learning at home and on the go. Yes Yes Yes Coming Soon
4 Testing suite and reporting. Importing school question papers and solutions. Yes Yes Yes Coming Soon
5 Customized curriculum and multimedia. Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Training of staff and students. Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 System Integration of hardware and software on site. Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 On-site system admin or dedicated account manager. Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Technical product support and call center support. Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Cloud Hosting. Yes Yes Yes Yes

Optional components

  • Consulting for technology adoption in school, lesson plans, pedogogy and other areas.
  • Hardware (Tablets, Laptops and mobiles) and network implementation (ICT) for classroom.
  • School or College ERP integrated with SOLARO.
  • 3G mobile carrier bundling.
  • Hosting in school or college infrastructure.

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