Frequently asked questions

General information

What are the rules for using SOLARO?

  • Respect Other Users - Swearing, name calling, bullying, or rude behavior towards other users will not be tolerated.
  • No Inappropriate Talk - References to drugs, alcohol, or related activities will not be permitted. Neither will sexual, racial, or other inappropriate talk.
  • Only One User per Account - Do not share your account with another person.
  • SOLARO Content - Except where specifically agreed to in writing, no content may be used, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, or otherwise exploited in any manner other than through the allowed use of the SOLARO website.
  • Only for Personal Use - The website is only for Customer's personal use. Customer may not use the website for commercial or business purposes, or in any way that is unlawful or harms us or any other person or entity.
  • Accurate Personal Information - Customer agrees to provide, maintain, and update true, accurate, current, and complete information about Customer as prompted by our registration processes. Customer shall not impersonate any person or entity, or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity, including using another person's username, password, or other account information, or using another person's name or likeness. Customer also agrees to promptly notify Castle Rock of any unauthorized use of your username, password, or other account information.
  • Never Reveal Personal Information - The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, or e-mail passwords with other users.
  • Forum - Customer acknowledges that Public Forums and features offered therein are for public and not private communications, and you have no expectation of privacy with regard to any submission to a public forum. We cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose through any of these media; you make such disclosures at your own risk.
  • No Cheating - No use of third-party programs is permitted in completing assignments when using the website or software.
  • No Date Speak - This is not a dating site; no boyfriend/girlfriend talk allowed.

Consequences Punishment for breaking the rules can lead to Customer losing his or her account and being denied access to this website. Know the rules and follow them. You are 100% responsible for your own account. If another person or a sibling plays on your account and breaks the rules, this is your responsibility. Do NOT allow others to use your account.

Will SOLARO be updated to reflect curriculum standards?

All lessons and practice questions are aligned to the regional standards for each subject and grade. Our team of educators will realign our courses in SOLARO to reflect any changes introduced to your regional standards.

Why is my state or board missing?

SOLARO offers a significant number of courses in the states across India. Unfortunately, not all Indian boards are available yet. To be notified when your region becomes available, please email us at

What is the difference between student and parent accounts?

In SOLARO, the parent account is primarily for administration and reporting. The parent has administrative functionality over child accounts, such as changing passwords, courses, and grade levels. Student accounts have access to the lessons and content. Both a parent and student account is included with a paid subscription.

Do you offer a yearly membership?

Currently, we only offer monthly memberships.

What credit cards can I use to make payment?

We accept payments with VISA and Mastercard, and Net Banking for major banks.

What does SOLARO cost?

SOLARO at Home is FREE right now as an introductory offer. It's only for a limited period. After the introductory offer, you will be charged monthly or annually. There is no contract; you can cancel at any time. While at school, students have access to lessons, quizzes, tests, and teacher assignments. From home, students will have access to teacher assignments free of charge. SOLARO at Home allows students to access everything SOLARO at School allows, plus they can also create their own notes and flashcards, and they can access the full range of lessons, tests, and quizzes. Parents also receive full access to SOLARO, so they can monitor their child's progress.

What does a SOLARO at Home monthly membership include?

With a premium SOLARO at Home membership, both parents and students have access to all of SOLARO's services, including: Parents

  • On-demand reporting for parents to monitor the activities and progress for each registered child.
  • Standards-aligned reporting provides parents with clear explanations of their child's performance related to regional standards and SOLARO's lessons and practice questions.
  • Manage your children's accounts, including passwords, login information, and payment information. Students
  • Explore and search through hundreds of lessons in each grade that will help students understand key concepts.
  • Unrestricted access to SOLARO from any computer.
  • Practice with quizzes and tests to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take notes and make flashcards to make studying and reviewing easier.
  • Review detailed solutions to every completed practice question.
  • Access lessons, practice quizzes and tests, and other study tools on the web or via mobile applications on the Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®.

With a premium SOLARO at Home account, students will still be able to complete teacher-assigned homework, plus review extra lessons and complete quizzes and tests to help them get ahead.

How are SOLARO courses structured?

SOLARO breaks courses down into small, manageable parts for you to review as you choose. Courses are specific to the provincial or state curriculum and are broken down into different parts. Topics include the broad aspects that make up the course. Each topic is broken down into more specific Sections and within each Section are several Lessons, some with activities which are used to convey the content. SOLARO is designed to be a tool which can be tailored to individual students' needs. As a result, some students may methodically work through lessons one at a time, completing sections and topics as they go in order to complete a course. Others may pick and choose specific lessons and assessments in their areas of need or interest without worrying about completing a course.

School information

My School doesn’t have resources or infrastructure to provide one laptop per child?

No problem! We have a single screen solution for you, where SOLARO will be used by teachers on a projector or screen in classroom. SOLARO provides tools to print out assignments on the fly for teachers if required. Students will also be given accounts in linked with your school. They can access it from computer labs at school or web at home or mobiles anywhere.

How can I use SOLARO in my classroom?

SOLARO contains hundreds of lessons and thousands of practice questions in each grade covering mathematics, sciences, and English language arts. Teachers can create assignments using the SOLARO question bank. All items are aligned to regional standards. Individual student reports help teachers identify student strengths and weaknesses for each concept and regional standard.

What access does SOLARO at School provide students?

Students of eligible schools will have full access to SOLARO while at school. At home, they will only be able to complete homework assigned to them by a teacher.

Parent information

How can SOLARO help my child?

SOLARO offers students a safe, reliable learning environment with resources that support their daily schooling. Students can use these resources at school, home, or even on the go! SOLARO takes a proactive approach to your child's education by continuing the learning process outside of school hours. SOLARO offers students and their parents several ways to support the learning process:

  • Real-time reporting and updates on the progress and content mastery for each of your registered children
  • Practise with quizzes and tests to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Take notes and make flashcards to make studying and reviewing easier
  • Review detailed solutions to every completed practice question
  • Access lessons, quizzes, tests, and other study tools on the web or via mobile applications on the Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®
  • Engage in discussions with peers to help understand the learning materials
  • All learning content is age appropriate and aligned to regional standards

Is my kid safe on your site?

We want to make your child's experience on SOLARO both educational and safe. That's why we provide parents with complete access to view their child's entire usage. Parents can see what tests and quizzes their child has been completing, when they are logging into SOLARO, and all of the discussion comments your child has left for other students to see.

How can I monitor my child's progress?

The parent account has access to a number of reports showing your child's progress. You can see their quiz and test scores, what lessons they have completed, and their overall activity.

If I have more than one child, can I use just one account?

No. Each child account has access to their grade level. You cannot have one account signed up for courses in both Grade 4 and Grade 10. Also, having one account would cause confusion if both students have teachers assigning homework in their courses.

Teacher information

How do I add more classes to my student account?

Select the My Account tab from the menu. Then select Change Board, Class & Classes. From here you can change your board, class and classes. You can also enter a teacher class code your teacher has provided you.

Student information

What does SOLARO at School cost?

SOLARO support various different curriculum and courses and can be supplied with various different packages depending on what a school needs in terms of infrastructure, hardware, software. For further enquiry, please contact us at

What is the difference between a Test and a Quiz?

Tests are found at the Topic level and Quizzes are found at the Section level. Otherwise Tests and Quizzes function and are completed in the same way.

What are Stars?

Stars are incentives to help keep you motivated and are something you are rewarded with when you've worked hard or reached a goal. Stars are used in SOLARO as a virtual currency to buy rewards.

What is the MySOLARO page?

On the MySOLARO page, you get a quick snapshot of your activities on SOLARO. You can view the goals you've set and see a list of the lessons you've most recently completed. A graph shows you how many quizzes and tests you've completed and how many you have left to attempt. You can see how many stars you've earned, receive messages from SOLARO and keep up to date about the newest aspects of SOLARO.

What are passages?

Passages are used in the English Language Arts courses only. They are examples of different genres of writing that you can read to help you understand the differences between them. The passages also have quizzes linked to them so you can also check your reading comprehension.

What are Practice Questions?

Practice Questions are assignments built into some lessons that you can use to test your comprehension of the concepts being taught in that lesson. They are in multiple choice formats.

What is the "Study" tab?

The "Study" tab is where you go when you're ready to begin studying. You can select which course you'd like to work on from there, choose topics, sections and finally lessons. The "Study" tab also shows what lessons and quizzes you've completed as well as others that are available for you to try.

How do I create notes?

While you are looking at a lesson in SOLARO, you can highlight the text and graphics in the lesson with your mouse. A little "Add Note" button will then pop up . Click on the button to open a new window, and the information you highlighted will show up in the window.

In that window, you can add a title to your note, change fonts, add your own words to the information, etc. When you save the note, it will be "pinned" to that lesson page for you to review later, and you can find it on the Notes tab from the homepage.

From the Notes Tab, you can also select and group notes together to review on screen, or to create a PDF for printing.

Where are the lessons and quizzes?

In SOLARO the parent account is primarily for administration and reporting. The parent has administrative functionality over child accounts such as changing passwords, changing courses and changing grades. The parent also has a number of reports showing student progress in the system.

Lessons and quizzes appear in the child accounts. After a child logs into his/her account, clicking on the "Study" tab on the MySOLARO homepage will provide the child access to the learning materials.

What is the difference between a test and quiz?

Practice tests and quizzes function the same way. Every Topic is divided into groups of lessons. Each group of lessons has a quiz that should the student should take after reviewing the lessons within that group. A test is found at the end of each Topic. The test is longer than a quiz and addresses the material covered by all of the lessons within the topic.

How do I create flashcards?

While you are looking at a lesson in SOLARO, you can highlight the text and graphics in the lesson with your mouse. A little "Add Flashcard" button will pop up. Click on the button to open a new window, and the information you highlighted will show up in the window.

In that window, you can create a question about the text you highlighted and you can add to the text you highlighted to expand the answer. When you save the flashcard, it will show up on that lesson page, and you can find it on the Flashcards tab from the homepage.

From the Flashcards Tab, you can quiz yourself with the flashcards you've created and test your memory!

What are "Check Your Understanding" activities?

A "Check Your Understanding" activity is a fill in the blank assignment where students are given a list of words which they must insert in the appropriate places within the paragraph.

How do I complete a lesson?

To complete a lesson, simply click on the one you'd like to work on. You will be provided with explanations and easy to understand examples specific to the lesson. Graphics may be used to illustrate and explain concepts. During a lesson you can use the SOLARO notes tool to take notes by either writing your own or by copying and pasting useful information from the lesson into your SOLARO notepad. Some lessons have practice questions and "Check Your Understanding" (fill in the blank) activities you can work through and you can also post a discussion question if you are having trouble understanding something. You'll know you've completed the lesson in its entirety when you've reviewed the Lesson content and completed the practice questions or "Check Your Understanding" activity where they are available.

How do I customize my avatar?

You can customize your avatar by clicking on the avatar located in the top left-hand corner of the MySOLARO page. You can customize the physical features of your avatar and also choose different clothes and accessories. Initially you will have very limited clothing and accessory choices. As you earn stars, you can use the stars to purchase more clothing and accessory items.

How do I earn and use Stars?

You earn Stars by completing lessons, doing tests and quizzes or creating and achieving goals. The number of Stars you can earn from each of these is different and grows as you complete Sections and Topics. You use stars by redeeming them for virtual or real world rewards.

How do I complete a Test or Quiz?

There are several important rules that need to be observed when taking a Test or Quiz: After the test/quiz has begun, do not use the back button in your web browser. Only use the controls provided by SOLARO. If you use the browser back button and it takes you away from the test/quiz, your test/quiz, will end. You can only take a Test or Quiz once. If you are not sure about an answer, click "Just Guessing". That question will be marked with a special icon so you can review it later. You need to answer all questions before you can click on the Score button. If you leave a Test or Quiz before answering all of the questions, any unanswered questions will be marked as being incorrect. After clicking on the Score button, it is important to review all of the questions that were incorrectly answered. If you do not review all of the incorrectly answered questions, the Test or Quiz will not be marked as completed.

How do I keep track of my Stars?

You can access your Stars Account by clicking on the number of stars on the MySOLARO page. Your Stars Account will display the number of stars you have along with when and how you earned them.

What are SOLARO notes?

As you work through the lessons, you can create notes using SOLARO text and graphics. You can also add your own text. This tool allows you to record and save important information and examples as you work through the lessons. You can create your own summaries and study notes or copy and paste phrases from SOLARO lessons.

To create a note: while you are looking at lessons in SOLARO you can highlight the text and graphics in the lesson with your mouse. When you do that a little button will pop up labled "Add Note". It will open a new window where the information you highlighted will be copied.

In that window you can add a title to your note, change fonts, add more text, etc. When you save the note it will be available for you to review on that lesson page or from the MySOLARO homepage in the Notes tab.

Finally, from the Notes Tab view you can select and group notes to review on screen or to create a PDF for printing.